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Welcome! We’re glad you found us. Our goal here at PVBC is to Simply share God’s Word in a way that can be easily Identified and understood, as we Unite with each other in Worship, Growth and Service. Visit our site again, real soon, or just come in person and get Plugged In, Please Him, and Serve Them!

Our motto for 2013 is “God’s Building a Church”!  In Matthew 16:18 Jesus says, … I will build my church; and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. This year, we are diligently seeking to organize and reorganize, build and rebuild and strengthen and re-strengthen every area of PVBC according to the Bible, God’s Holy Word. After all, it really is His Church!


Current Series

Sunday Mornings:
Going Back to the Drawing Board

It seems everyone has differing opinions about “Church”. Worship Styles, Programs, Leadership Positions and Liberty, and some are even questioning what it’s all about. Why do we meet on Sundays? Why do we sing songs? Why does someone stand up and Preach and Teach the Bible? Well, I believe the Bible holds the findings, the fundamentals, and the format to all we do. Join us as we go back to the Bible to “Re-Discover” what we should be doing and why!

Sunday Evenings:
When in Rome!

The Adults will meet in the Church Sanctuary and study the book of Romans for 30-35 minutes, while our Children and Teens enjoy Sunday Night “Super-Church” and have a service in their own departments.

Wednesday Evenings:
Growing in Grace

II Peter 3:18 instructs God’s people, those who are born again, to grow in Grace; however, many never get past Church attendance and membership. We are going to teach through a systematic Discipleship on Wednesdays to encourage God’s People to grow! Please join us as we enter into a Bible Study we are calling Discipleship 101. Each person will receive a booklet and we will spend our time learning what the Bible says about truly following Christ. Nursery will be available, children and teens will meet separately.

  • October 13 - Missionary Guest Anna Readling
  • October 20 - Joyful Sounds in Concert
  • October 30 - Trunk or Treat